The changing face of work

Recently we asked Crosby Hunda, our Marketing & Communications lead, to reflect on an event he attended …

Grow Recruitment has been a member of the Cape Chamber of Commerce since we were established in 2018. I always look out for their newsletter as their events are great places to network, and often discuss interesting topics. When I saw that the next event was a presentation on the 2019 Deloitte Human Capital Trends Report for South Africa, I signed up immediately.

What most interested me on the agenda was a discussion on the 4th Industrial Revolution and how it is going to bring about disruption to the political, economic, and social-fabric sphere. The expectation was that it will have significant impacts on work, workers, and employers like never before.

When talking about the 4th Industrial Revolution there has to be consideration given to the future relationship between Human Capital and Artificial Intelligence and how to two can work together. The human experience is right at the core of this discussion, with the main question being – what are organisations doing to keep humans relevant within the work space? How can human workers and AI work together?

At the event there were three main areas of discussion:

  • The future of the workforce

In the coming years, it will be essential to manage freelancers, remote workers and contract employees more strategically. The workforce will expect more from their employers in regards to this. With the increase in AI, another issue will arise, of how to integrate robotics and human employees.

As AI is being incorporated more in organisations – the shifts in the working environment and work patterns will need to be understood and managed in a way that positively impacts the companies involved. As “super jobs” continue to evolve – combining digital work done by AI, and human skills of problem solving, communication, interpretation and design – new opportunities and new types of work will be developed.

  • The future of organisations

Organisations will need to put more focus on human capital – showing the value that employees bring to companies through more than just monetary rewards. Ensuring staff feel valued, team-based approaches, new mindsets, ideas and ways of working will all play a more important role in the workplace.

  • The future of HR

Sourcing qualified candidates and graduates for jobs or internship opportunities will move to being based on their experience, qualifications and life experiences, rather than limited to tertiary qualifications. Companies such as Deloitte now not focusing solely on tertiary qualifications anymore, but rather look at the experience, passion and raw talent of youth looking for their next career break.

From our perspective, at Grow Recruitment, we welcome this move. Qualifications are important, but the young people we meet out in the communities have so much more to offer, and are often over-looked.

This was a particularly relevant workshops in regards to our work at Grow Recruitment. Considering how the workforce, companies and HR will change over the coming years is important for us, as we change and adapt our services to the new era.

We need candidates on our books that is ready for this changed environment, we need to understand our clients’ needs in this changing time and we, as a company ourselves, need to be more human centred in our own work, making sure that we know what the job seekers’ needs and wants are, so that we can better understand how we can help them grow as individuals and career wise.

We also need to update and innovate in the way we work with our candidates and the data we collect. Developments in IT, and in particular AI, will offer us more creative ways to aide young people in getting into work. And new connections with innovators can help adjust our strategic direction as needed and create new partnerships.  

You can have a look at the presentation from the workshop by following this link –

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