About Us

As one of Cape Town’s most agile and impactful recruitment companies, formed by experienced recruitment and youth development professionals, Grow Recruitment Services focuses on:

  • growing careers
  • growing businesses
  • growing staff
  • reducing youth unemployment

We pride ourselves to recruit candidates for various industries on a community, provincial and national basis for our Client’s specific needs.

We assist our Clients with both permanent and temporary staff throughout the year. Our fast and friendly services is combined with years of experience in the recruitment industry, and working with young people, has made us a trust worthy partner.

At Grow Recruitment we understand that one of the most important factors to run a successful business is to have qualified and competent personnel in place. Our resourcing interventions are customised to suit organisation – specific needs and integrated with all other HR processes and interventions.

Vision, Mission and Social Impact

Vision Playing a key role as part of the solution to solve the crisis of youth unemployment in South Africa. Mission Meeting the needs of our clients by recruiting the best possible candidates for the positions available. Partnering with NGOs, community groups, schools and other key players in local communities, to access talented unemployed youth. … Continue reading Vision, Mission and Social Impact

Staff Team

Directors Alfred is originally from the Eastern Cape. He moved to Elsie’s River in Cape Town in his youth and became well-known on the rugby circuit. He has spent more than 20 years working for various recruitment agencies across the city. He has contacts in seemingly every company across Cape Town – if he didn’t place … Continue reading Staff Team